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How to Choose the Right CRM for Your Business

Every business needs to have a way to track sales and customer data. Modern Customer Relationship Management software tools can help you accomplish these tasks, but they can also be used to streamline your entire business. For this reason, it’s vitally important that you choose the right software which can help you achieve all of your business goals. We are going to give you a detailed explanation on how to choose the right CRM for your business.

1.   Define your goals

You may have heard that CRM software is suitable for pretty much any business, but if you have no idea why you are implementing it, you can be in for a world of trouble. The truth is that CRM software can give you powerful tools and access to large amounts of data, but it is up to you what you’ll be able to achieve with them. The first step you need to take is to define what problems you are trying to solve with CRM and which goals you want to accomplish.

CRM can be used to:

  • Organize and track leads. Every company is constantly trying to find ways to increase its customer base. CRM can help you with that, but you’ll also be able to sort leads by priority or by market demographics.
  • Measure customer behavior. Track not only what your customers are purchasing but also how they are interacting with your website and your employees.
  • Automate time-consuming operations. No one wants to spend unnecessary time on data entry. CRM can help you automate mundane tasks and help generate and send large numbers of emails.
  • Share information between team members. Your employees will be able to access all the information they need without having to wait on other teammates to pass the files along.
  • Generate specialized reports. Different teams might require only specific data in their reports. CRM will let them select only the stats they need to monitor and compare and generate individualized data reports.

2.   Know which data you’ll track

Once you have clearly defined your goals, it should be pretty obvious which metrics are important. However, you should still communicate with your various teams and get their input on what relevant KPIs they would like to monitor. If you narrow down the scope of what data you are looking at, it will be easier to choose the right CRM for your business.

3.   Get everyone on board

Some team members might have difficulty adapting, or they may simply be resistant to change. Employees in the sales department tend to be particularly hesitant to adopt CRM software since they can feel threatened by the level of automation that CRM can provide. However, you need to train them and explain that automation is there for their benefit. They can use it to streamline or completely take over mundane tasks like data entry. This frees up time for your sales team to do what they do best, and that’s build relationships with clients.

Train your employees to use CRM to connect with clients since they will have all the information they need at their fingertips. Instead of fearing that the software will take over their jobs, you need to show them that it’s only there to empower them. Employees will also be more likely to adopt the CRM software if you ask for their feedback while choosing the software your company will use.

Teammates working together to pick the right CRM software.

Bring everyone on board when choosing CRM software for your business.

4.   Document how you currently measure product quality

Since CRM is a powerful and comprehensive data tool, you can also use it to monitor the quality of your products. However, first, you’ll need to have an accurately documented process of how you currently monitor and maintain the quality of your products. Determine which metrics are important to keep the quality of your service or product on a high level. Choose the right CRM for your business, and it can help you focus only on the important data without wasting time and resources. You’ll be able to deliver a quality product to your customers and monitor their responses and satisfaction. Fortunately, CRM software can also help you deal with customer complaints and catch any problems in your production process in time.

5.   Consider any specific needs

Your company may have specific needs that can influence your choice of software. Consider if you require the following:

  • Mobility. If many of your employees are working on-site, they may need to use the CRM software through phones or tablet devices.
  • Other software. What other systems is your company currently using? Ideally, you’ll want something that can integrate well with other tools or your website or something that can replace all of the functionality they previously provided. Adopting new CRM tools could be an excellent time to redesign and launch a new website.
  • Cloud or on-premise. The type of deployment can depend on the level of your technical expertise. However, you also need to consider if you have the capacity to physically host the system at your location.
  • SEO. You can use CRM to coordinate and measure your SEO efforts, and you’ll get feedback on what has a good ROI and what isn’t working.

6.   Ask for a demo

Most companies who offer CRM software will be glad to give you a demo and let you test out their product. Make the most of the demonstration, and try to use as many different features as you can. See how well the software can adapt to your needs and how it solves the current problems you are facing. Don’t just assume that everything will work fine and skip the demonstration. Instead, you should dedicate a lot of time to finding the software’s weaknesses and discovering any issues while you are still demoing it.

In conclusion

As you can see, you might not need the best or most powerful tool on the market. To choose the right CRM for your business, you just need to find something that suits your company’s goals. Instead of going through every available toolkit, start by determining your business priorities, and then find a CRM package that manages to do that while still staying on budget.


Benefits of Using Google My Business App for Local SEO

One of the most important tools for boosting your local SEO is the Google My Business app. Not only does it improve your online presence, but it also helps engage new clients on the internet. The app is very easy to manage, and the interface is very intuitive. Thanks to the mobile app, you can immediately update business information, no matter where you are. One of the best things about using the Google My Business App for local SEO is that you get to enjoy the benefits right away. There is no need to wait and hope for the best. Let’s see what the Google My Business app is and what benefits you can expect.

The Google My Business app is changing the SEO game for the better

Before launching your website, you want to make sure that all of the technical SEO is ready to go. There are many various apps to help with this process, and the Google My Business app is one of the best. This is an extension to Google’s business listing.

A required step before you can use the app

In order to use it, you first need to create an account and claim your business. To do this, you will need to use the desktop version. Another important thing is to have your listing verified. This step will boost the authority and credibility of your website.

The process of claiming your business is pretty straightforward. Once you find your business, you just need to select the “Own this business?” option and verify the ownership. Depending on the option you pick, you will either receive a PIN or an automated phone call.

After you complete this procedure, you can download and use the app.

What can you do with the Google My Business app?

The primary purpose of this app is to help you manage your business online. You can update business details, Google Maps, and help clients locate you more easily.

Mobile-only benefits

Before we go into the app’s benefits in more detail, keep in mind that some of these features are only available through the mobile app. One of the examples is the accessibility option for vision-impaired users. Furthermore, you cannot see your followers if you are on the desktop version.

User-friendly features of the Google My Business app

Here is where things become more interesting. One of the reasons why you need Google My Business is to increase your customer base through SEO. The mobile app helps in many ways by providing you with these fantastic features:

  • You can answer any questions or messages from your clients;
  • Manage how customers see your company on Google Maps and Google Search;
  • Discover how customers find out about your business and how they interact with your company using Google;
  • Manage complete updates about your business, special events, or special offers for your clients.

These simple features will really improve your satisfaction with Google My Business. Not only that, but they will make the entire management process quick and easy.

The biggest benefit of the Google My Business app – improved local SEO!

Local SEO should be your number one focus. Before you can expand your business, you need to become the best in your area. That’s why Google My Business exists.

To grow your local customer base, you also need to boost your business’s presence online. One of the best things to do is use citations, as they integrate with Google My Business phenomenally. They are mentions of your NAP information (business name, address, and phone number) all across the web. The team behind AZ Citation Services argues that combining citations and Google My Business is the right way to advertise your business online.

Let customers review your business

Another massive benefit of using Google My Business is that customers can leave a review. The best way to advertise your company is through customer testimonials.

Use the mobile app to monitor customer reviews, and say a few words of gratitude. If you received a bad review, immediately respond to remedy the problem.

Put your business on the map

One way in which customers look for what they need is by using Google Maps. Since they are a part of Google My Business strategy, this is an excellent opportunity. There is no better approach if you wish to turn online visitors into paying customers.

A person using Google Maps on a mobile device.

Google Maps play a crucial part for people worldwide. You need your business there.

Communication is key

We already mentioned how the mobile app allows you to respond to your clients quickly. This is probably the best feature you can use. We also spoke about responding to customer reviews. Understand the core features of communicating with customers via the app, and use them whenever you can.

Google My Business listing is free of charge

When people start using various tools for SEO, they usually spend a lot of money. You constantly need to spend time calculating return on investment on SEO efforts, only to make sure you are not overspending.

Well, there is no reason to fear spending too much money on this. Google My Business listing is free of charge. There is really no better way to show how important this strategy is. It is a free way to expose your business to a large group of interested customers.

Using the Google My Business app will substantially help your business

GMB application is a versatile and free tool that substantially boosts your SEO. It is the tool of the future. Furthermore, using the Google My Business app will help with the local search engine optimization. This is probably the most important thing to understand. Get to know the app as much as you can and experiment with it. It is a rare chance to get something for free and increase the profit as a result. With that in mind, start with Google My Business today. Best of luck in your future endeavors!


Your final checklist before launching your website

The time has come, and your site is ready. All that is left to do is the final push to lift things off the ground. But be sure not to rush with it. It’s always a good idea to go over the whole thing once again. And that’s where our final checklist before launching your website comes in. It’s there to bring your attention to all the small details and issues that could turn into more significant problems later on.

We’ll break everything down as much as possible, so it’s easy to follow step by step. So, let’s see what are the aspects that you’ll want to keep your eye on before you make your site live.

The functionality

Your site is only as good as it is functional, so this is the first thing you should check. At the end of the day, you can’t increase your customer base if people can’t find whatever they’re looking for on your site. Here are a few elements that you want to see on your pages.

  • Navigation menus
  • Dropdown menus
  • Lazy loaded images
  • Pop-ups and sign up forms
  • Content that loads dynamically

Of course, you don’t have to have all of these for your site to be perfectly usable. However, be sure to check all the things that you have to make sure they all work as they should. Run your site on a couple of different browsers and devices, and see if you can spot any issues. If you notice anything you don’t like, give feedback to your designer right away.

It’s not unusual for a feature to work in Google Chrome, for example, but that it just doesn’t respond in Safari or some other browser. These problems are easy to solve, but they can ruin your customer experience. So, be sure to do regular check-ups to keep everything in good order.

Two women in the office talking about your final checklist before launching your website.

The first step in your final checklist before launching your website is to check for functionality issues.

The design

The second most important thing about your site, right after functionality, is the design. Your website must look nice to attract visitors and to keep them around for long enough so that they go through your offers.

Here again, you want to go through all your pages on different browsers and devices to see what supports what. Although these are all advanced now, they still don’t work quite the same. So, it might happen for your website to look very different across different devices. Of course, these are the things you want to avoid. You want everything to look uniform. Keep as close to your style guide as you can, and don’t mix and match your color scheme, fonts, and sizes of elements.

Designing a website isn’t a small task, and if you don’t have experience in doing it, be sure not to do it by yourself. Companies like WP Full Care can do everything for you or help you and guide you through the process. If you’re not sure which way is the right one for you, it’s always better to consult with experts than to decide on your own.

The content

Content is the number one reason anyone will come to your site, so make sure it’s all there. You can’t blame your visitors if they feel disappointed that your images don’t load, videos don’t play, or downloads don’t exist. So, the third part of your final checklist before launching your website is checking your content one last time.

Writing and optimizing your content is one of the biggest tasks when getting your site ready. You’ll probably have more than one type of page on your site, and you’ll have to create content for each of them. If you write it in a way that it’s ready to launch right away, you’ll save yourself plenty of time as you won’t have to deal with it later. So, we suggest you do just that.

Double-check everything before you proceed. The last things you need on a launch day are the typos and missing files.

A person writing on a piece of paper.

Work on your content to make your site a better place for both users and search engines.

SEO and Analytics

You’re doing your best to optimize your site’s functionality, design, and content for users, but also for search engines. You want them to like your site, so they put you higher in the SERPs. We wrote already about both off-page and on-page SEO, so we won’t get too much into the details here. However, we’ll still give you some advice that will help you rank higher.

Always fill out your meta title and meta description fields. These are the first things crawlers explore, and that’s why they’re important. Also, try embedding Rich Snippets whenever you can, and it makes sense. You’ll make your site stand out in the search results, and that can’t be a bad thing.

Besides SEO, you’ll also want to set up your analytics tool. Google Analytics and Google Tag should give you enough data to better understand your audience. You’ll see what pages of yours are the most popular and how you can use their popularity to boost your whole site. Be sure to set these tools up before you launch your site. This way, when the day comes, you’ll hit the ground running, and that’s what it’s all about.

DNS, SSL, and hosting

And the last thing to pay attention to is your hosting solution. And here, you have two choices. You can go for hosting your site on a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform or make your server. They’re both good options, but if you’re not a tech-savvy person yourself, we’d suggest going for the first one.

When it comes to registering your domain, that’s as easy as it gets. You just have to search for it on Google Domains, and if it isn’t there, you’re free to take it.

Finally, you want to add an SSL certificate to your site. That additional ”s” in your HTTPS is what makes all the difference to Google. It’s the insurance that you won’t have to deal with Google ranking drops if you keep playing by the book. Your site will be more secure, and thanks to that, it will appear higher in SERPs.

WordPress plugins listed on the screen.

The last step is to take care of the hosting and install all the plugins on your site.

And that concludes your final checklist before launching your website. Keep working on it, improve the functionality, add more content, and enjoy all the benefits your new site brings to you.


Meet the villages of Santorini

Santorini consistently holds a place in the golden five of the most beautiful travel destinations in the world. Santorini Private Tour invites you to meet the island.


At a distance of 12 km from Oia, the always busy Fira, the capital of Santorini, are one of the must-do stops on the island. At a distance of about 260 meters from the sea surface, they seem to have put on their white clothes and climbed the cliff, to cause the admiration of every visitor. The unique location of Fira on the caldera offers stunning views of Nea and Palia Kameni.

Crowds flock to the densely populated area of ​​Fira at all hours of the day, while the numerous businesses operating in the alleys of the island’s capital attract visitors of various interests and of all ages. Your walk will start from the central square of Theotokopoulos with the many café bars, while, a little further down, a street full of luxury jewelry stores stretches in front of you, giving promises for “diamond” experiences! Indulge in the charm of the beautiful straits of Fira and let your gaze wander to the eerie beauty of the caldera. In Fira you can visit the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Prehistoric Thera, the Gyzi Palace and the Santozeum.

To enjoy your acquaintance with Fira to the fullest, you can climb the 588 steps from the Old Port. An alternative is the cable car, which runs daily every 20 minutes, from 07:00 to 22:20. Tradition lovers can make the journey to and from the Old Port on donkeys! You will enjoy a wonderful view of Fira from Budi, where very interesting events take place every summer. In the area of ​​Fira there are municipal parking lots.


Village-jewel, a pole of attraction for thousands of visitors every year, looking for tranquility, natural beauty and quality in everything. Pyrgos, which is about 5-10 minutes drive from Fira, is definitely the most beloved village of the island. In 1800 it was the capital of Santorini, while today it manages, through the impressive architecture, the curves and the beautiful alleys, the whitewashed narrow and the infinite churches with the “painted” domes, to keep unchanged the glamor of the past.

It is worth visiting both the Canaan of Drosos-Chrysos, which through glittering representations transports you to “Santorini that left”, and Kastelli, at the top of the hill. For dinner, prefer the excellent Selene restaurant without a second thought. Besides, you can choose the Tower as a base, since the arty Voreina Gallery Suites has raised the bar of accommodation in the area. Tip: Profitis Elias rises above the Tower, the highest peak of the island. If you want to enjoy the most beautiful view of the island, just visit it.


At a distance of 10 minutes from Fira is one of the most peaceful and beautiful diamonds of the island. Megalochori is a traditional small village that will steal your heart with its unique aesthetics. Here everything seems to have come out of a painting, while respect for tradition seems to impose absolute silence in every corner. The village is famous for its close relationship with wine – here are the famous wineries of Boutari and Gavalas -, the absolute tranquility and quality business. You can visit it either in the morning or in the afternoon or even in the evening, walk to the main square, admire the impressive bell towers of the white churches and stroll in its alleys.


During the Venetian occupation it was the commercial and economic center of Santorini. Today it is one of the most interesting villages of the island, especially from an architectural point of view. Emporio is located in the southern part of Thira, very close to the beaches of Perivolo and Perissa. Here you will be impressed by the features, houses carved in stone, you will be enchanted by the exploration of the Castle (Mesana), while you will feel intense immersion in Panagia Kali, which is located inside the castle. Tip: Do not forget to visit the windmills on the hill of Gavrilos. The landscape, especially on clear nights, is extremely romantic!

Nea Kameni

The locals call it a “volcano”, visitors make it a priority of their explorations and the legend adores it. The reason for Nea Kameni, the middle of the three islands of the caldera (Thirasia and Palia Kameni the other two) that were eyewitnesses of the eruption of the volcano. In Nea Kameni is the largest crater, called Daphne. Visiting here is truly an inconceivable experience. You will walk around the crater, your gaze will be captured by the color variety of the rocks, your smell will be captured by the smell of sulfur, while all your senses will be awakened by the majestic spectacle. Santorini Private Tour operates on a daily basis.

More about Santorini Private Tour:

Ways to Increase Your Customer Base with Search Engine Optimization

Ways to Increase Your Customer Base with Search Engine Optimization

In order to survive, your business needs to grow. Most of that growth will come from attracting new customers. There are many strategies you can employ to expand your reach. But in the digital age, one of the most effective ones has to be SEO. If you learn how to increase your customer base with search engine optimization, you can grow your business effectively and affordably. But before you see the results, you need to do the legwork. So how can you use SEO to get more customers?

What is search engine optimization, and why is it important?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the collection of different tactics that make your website more visible in search engine results for select keywords. SEO can be done both on-page and off-page. Some of the on-page strategies include speeding up the website, using the right keywords in website content, and optimizing for mobile devices, while the most common and effective off-page strategy is backlinks. The combination of these tactics improves the ranking of the website in search engine results. This, in turn, increases the quantity and quality of traffic your website gets. Better traffic gives you a better chance of converting visitors into customers, which is exactly what you need to grow your business.

A person looking at website statistics.

Search engine optimization helps you improve your website traffic.

How can you increase your customer base with search engine optimization?

SEO targets unpaid, organic traffic coming from search engines (primarily Google). Therefore, the direct goal of an SEO strategy is not to increase sales or even retain existing customers. So how does SEO help increase your customer base?

Attract more customers

How did your existing customers find out about your business? Some will have seen your marketing; others may have walked by a physical location (if you have one) on the way to and from work. But a significant number of them probably just Googled something related to your business and found you online. Then, your website convinced them to become a customer. So it stands to reason that by attracting more visitors to your website, SEO helps you reach and potentially convert more people. Furthermore, because SEO is about attracting quality traffic, it’ll also improve your chances of conversion.

Build a brand

SEO will help you rank for your chosen keywords. This means that you can target the searches you want to be associated with. If you, for example, want to be known as a green, sustainable, and eco-friendly business, you should improve your ranking for keywords related to such practices. Over time, your business will become associated with the searches you rank for – that is what your brand will become.

A book about brand identity on a desk.

Branding is all about building an identity for your business.

Become more visible in local searches

If you’re running an online-only business whose products or services are available all over the world, you won’t care where your customers come from. But most businesses only have a limited geographic reach. You either have a physical location, or you serve a particular area. Either way, you want the people in your area to become your customers. You can achieve this by improving your local SEO. You’ll appear in searches related to or performed in your service area, which will attract customers to your physical location because it’s convenient for them to shop with you.

What to do when you’re trying to increase your customer base with search engine optimization

When done right, SEO is a very high return-on-investment marketing strategy. So if your goal is to increase your customer base, what is the right way to do SEO?

Produce good content

High-quality content is a must for a good SEO strategy. It’ll help you rank higher, become established as an expert in your niche, and attract more backlinks – all good things for your SEO. But perhaps more importantly, it’ll shape how potential customers think of you. If you have no content on your website, you’ll be suspicious. If you have bad content on your website, they won’t think your business is worth their money. But if you have content they like, they’ll trust you and be willing to spend on your products or services.

Use the right keywords

You will never be able to convert every single person into a customer – that’s why every business has a target demographic. To ensure that your SEO efforts are attracting this specific demographic, you need to carefully choose the keywords you rank for. Otherwise, you’ll get a lot of useless traffic that only harms you in the long run by increasing your bounce and abandonment rate. So ask yourself which searches give you the best chance of attracting and then converting the right person. Then, target those keywords specifically.

Scrabble tiles in a pile.

Choosing the right keywords is essential for any SEO strategy.

Focus on user experience

People who find your content boring, your website difficult to navigate, and your products irrelevant to their needs are unlikely to become customers. So you want to provide your users with the best possible experience; this increases your chance of converting them and then retaining them as a customer. So ask yourself what your customers want and then try to meet their needs. This question is not difficult to answer when you don’t have a lot of customers. But with an expanding customer base come some difficulties – you’ll have some very different people looking for some very different things. Luckily, CRM is a useful tool for dealing with this. Using CRM, you’ll be able to build customer profiles, keep track of each customer’s interaction with the business, and personalize their experience. This considerably improves user satisfaction.

Be patient

SEO is a very effective way to improve your visibility and increase your traffic. But that doesn’t happen overnight. You won’t go from being on page 20 of Google search results to being at the top of the first page in a few days. Instead, you’ll need to work for weeks, even months, to see serious results. So don’t be discouraged. Give your strategy some time to work. If you’re patient and persistent, you can significantly increase your customer base with search engine optimization. But you cannot give up if that doesn’t happen immediately!


A Stunning Look at the Hidden Mysteries of Glacier Caves

I was dangling from a slim nylon rope, some 250 feet from the base of an icy shaft. Wanting up, I mentioned the spindrift — blinding snow whipped into a frenzy by howling winds — that was sandblasting the entrance, some 20 toes over me. I was glad to be out of the temperature, hanging in around silence.

As my eyes altered to the reduce light-weight, I located myself staring down into a chasm that was considerably bigger than something I assumed we could discover beneath the surface of the Greenland ice sheet.

All I could consider was: “This shouldn’t be here.”

Will roped me in since I wrote my Ph.D. dissertation about glacier caves and experienced been finding out them for a lot more than 15 several years. I was meant to be the science specialist, but I absolutely sure did not sense like just one staring into that inexplicably big hole.

Amongst climbs, and later on more than beers, Doug and I became confident that we could understand how glacier caves in the Everest area were being forming — if only we could discover and map them. While I’d never witnessed a glacier, and Doug had only briefly frequented a couple caves, we figured that combining Doug’s glaciology and mountaineering encounter with my qualifications in cave exploration and mapping might help us figure out how to investigate some of the world’s optimum caves, and in all probability even endure the expedition.

On our 1st expedition in November 2005, we expended all-around seven months discovering and mapping glacier caves at elevations above 16,400 feet in the Everest region, like caves that were being a quick hike from Mount Everest base camp. Gasping for breath in the thin air, we survived rock slides, ice falls and collapsing cave floors. And we slowly and gradually learned the glacier caves’ strategies.

Glacier caves in the Everest area, we discovered, have been forming along bands of porous debris in the ice. Water from lakes on the glacier surface would stream as a result of particles bands and soften the ice all-around them to kind a cave. The caves could then quickly enlarge as the fee of melting amplified, allowing for whole lakes to drain as a result of them.

Obtaining unraveled my to start with scientific thriller, I was hooked. I done my undergraduate degree in 2006 and started performing with Doug and a expanding record of adventurous collaborators to check out and map dozens of other glacier caves in Alaska, Nepal and Svalbard, Norway, first as a graduate university student, afterwards as a submit doctoral fellow and lastly as a professor. Along the way, I acquired how to photograph the frozen darkness so that I could share our results with scientists who lacked the technological ability sets to enterprise into glacier caves.

The discoveries we created scampering beneath the world’s glaciers more than the subsequent ten years assisted us document the function that glacier caves participate in in mediating how glaciers respond to local weather transform. In Nepal, the place thick blankets of debris on glacier surfaces should really insulate glaciers from melting, we found glacier caves ended up melting ice beneath the debris. Caves were being turning Everest’s glaciers into Swiss cheese and rotting them from the inside out.

In other elements of the entire world, which include in Alaska and Svalbard, glacier caves followed fractures in the ice and funneled rivers of meltwater to glacier beds. The surge of summertime meltwater lubricates the get hold of involving the ice and fundamental rocks and causes glaciers to slide speedier than they would if meltwater wasn’t current.

Though I’d explored glacier caves all-around the planet in advance of doing the job with Will, there was just one location I hadn’t gotten to check out: the inside of the Greenland ice sheet.

The Greenland ice sheet extends far more than 650,000 sq. miles — around the dimension of Alaska. If it melted fully, it could increase the sea amount by 23 ft.

Each summertime, rising temperatures renovate the frozen surface area of the edge of the Greenland ice sheet into a community of rivers and lakes. All of the rivers, and several lakes, disappear into moulins and continue on flowing towards the ocean alongside the interface of the ice sheet and the rocky bed beneath it. As the circulation of meltwater into that interface improves, friction amongst the ice and mattress is lessened, and the ice sheet speeds up, sending ice into the ocean more quickly than in wintertime.

Some glaciologists are fearful that as local weather warming triggers more melting, and new caves type in regions of the ice sheet that didn’t previously melt, amplified lubrication could possibly trigger the ice sheet to dump ice into the ocean and increase sea ranges speedier than predicted.

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Finding Romance in Her Spare Time

Eight several years back, just ahead of the courting application Hinge commenced up, Julia Silva invested some of her spare time to provide as a beta tester. Her occupation was to assist attempt out its application from a shopper viewpoint.

That expenditure paid out handsome dividends for Ms. Silva when it came to a person named Brian Whelan, whose profile she recognized in the course of her temporary tenure on the website.

“He was a couple of a long time older than me and functioning in finance,” claimed Ms. Silva, 30, a small business enhancement supervisor in New York at Allergan Aesthetics, a organization dependent in Irvine, Calif., concentrated on aesthetics manufacturers and items like Botox.

“Brian was the first authentic male I ever met,” stated Ms. Silva, who was born in Salvador, Brazil, and graduated with a business degree from the Faculty of New Jersey, from which she also obtained an aesthetics license.

Soon after two months of digital chatting, Mr. Whelan pushed for an in-person conference.

“We have to meet up, or I don’t want to chat any more,” stated Mr. Whelan, 33, a vice president for MUFG Securities Americas, a Japanese financial institution in New York that specializes in fiscal products and services and corporate banking.

Ms. Silva organized to fulfill Mr. Whelan for a 7 p.m. get-jointly on a Thursday night at the Back again Place, a speakeasy-fashion bar on the Decreased East Facet.

“My buddies thought I was mad for likely into the town by itself to fulfill up with a guy from an application,” Ms. Silva reported. “But I gave them all his facts and promised to textual content with updates.”

“Hey, I was about to graduate from faculty,” she additional with a chuckle, “and my weekends were sacred.”

When their day evening arrived, Mr. Whelan designed it to the restaurant 10 minutes early, and waited outdoors for Ms. Silva.

“I’m standing there and 7 o’clock will come and goes,” he claimed. “Julia at some point arrived — 45 minutes late.”

Ms. Silva said she created a joke about “being on time versus arriving on Brazilian time, which meant that I wasn’t really late.” She and Mr. Whelan laughed together and went inside.

They sat on a tiny sofa, going through each other from a side-by-side situation fairly than sitting across the table from 1 a further.

“Sitting on that couch made our to start with day so considerably additional personal,” Mr. Whelan said.

Ms. Silva felt the intimacy as nicely.

“He was extremely courteous and specialist, but at the same time, light and a incredibly great listener,” she mentioned. “I was entirely drawn to that component of him.”

And he was absolutely drawn to her. “She was gorgeous and just interesting to chat to,” said Mr. Whelan, who graduated from James Madison College and acquired a master’s diploma in finance from Loyola University Chicago.

For five several hours, they drank cocktails out of teacups before using a late-evening stroll alongside the Hudson River, the place they shared their to start with kiss.

When their to start with date eventually ended, they ended up the two beaming beneath a bright sun.

The pair were engaged March 3, 2018, at Pier 64 at Hudson River Park in New York. “In the middle of the afternoon, he dropped to one particular knee,” Ms. Silva explained, “you know, previous school.”

They ended up married Aug. 8 in a civil ceremony on the roof of The New York Times developing in Manhattan. Alex Asylum, a mate of the couple who was ordained through the American Marriage Ministries for the celebration, officiated.

On Aug. 20, the pair took element in a celebration ceremony right before loved ones and buddies at Villa Gamberaia, a 15th-century villa in Florence, Italy.

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On the Move With Mongolia’s Nomadic Reindeer Herders

A morning mist stuffed the valley in the vicinity of Hatgal, a tiny village at the southern suggestion of Lake Khovsgol in north central Mongolia. Glancing at the figures amongst the fragrant pines and larches, I could hardly distinguish the silhouettes of the reindeer from those people of their herders.

Darima Delger, 64, and her husband, Uwugdorj Delger, 66, collected their belongings and dismantled a rusty stove. They tossed a coat in excess of the shoulders of their grandchildren who were being presently sitting on the backs of their animals. The family’s herd stood as nonetheless as if in a Flemish painting. Anyone was ready to depart.

The audio of colliding tent poles — mixed with a swirl of commanding voices — still left very little question: The transhumance to the herders’ summer season camp was underway.

Darima and Uwugdorj’s spouse and children is element of a compact group of semi-nomadic reindeer herders recognised as the Dukha or Tsaatan. Only a number of hundred continue being here in northern Mongolia. Their life revolve about their domesticated reindeer, which source them with a great deal of their each day requires, which includes milk (utilized in tea, and to make yogurt and cheese), leather-based and a signifies of transportation. The animals’ velvety antlers, once taken out, are marketed for use in drugs and nutritional dietary supplements. Really few of the animals are killed for their meat — maybe one particular or two a year.

The decision to move the herd was not a easy one. In past several years, Uwugdorj discussed, they moved the reindeer around each individual month. “In truth, we were being subsequent them,” he claimed with a laugh. “The reindeer are smarter than we are.”

But now the rain and snow cycles are modifying, Uwugdorj reported. Weather conditions inside the taiga, the subarctic forest wherever the animals thrive, has become much less predictable. Lichen, a staple of the reindeer’s diet, is specifically susceptible to variations in local weather. Furthermore, reindeer populations — adversely influenced by disorder, historic mismanagement and predation by wolves — have declined.

“If we are mistaken, we place the entire herd in threat,” Uwugdorj reported, checking the straps of his saddles. Then, jumping on to his reindeer, he kicked off the impatient procession alongside a strip of thick snow.

On horseback, I could barely continue to keep up with the herd. In comparison to reindeer, horses go like elephants.

Despite his hurt knee, Uwugdorj wove in between the pines and disappeared from see. With Darima and their daughter, I scanned for the several reindeer weakened by wintertime. Between efforts, I watched the looks the family members exchanged. Their faces appeared to accept the uncertainty. “If we lose our animals,” Darima informed me at just one position, “we lose almost everything.”

Just after arriving to the new pasture in a pouring rain, the group’s tepee-like tents, identified as ortz, came up with astonishing pace. About 20 families ended up in the course of action of migrating.

Darima went out to milk the reindeer. After attaching the animals to stakes for the night, anyone gathered around a crackling fireplace.

The Dukha are initially from the Tuva area of Russia, to the north. Tuva was for a lot of decades an independent state, till it was annexed by the Soviet Union in 1944. As youngsters underneath Communist rule, Uwugdorj and Darima had been despatched to boarding faculties and endured numerous attempts to erase their identity, they explained. Uwugdorj remembered escaping from the village at evening mainly because it was way too hot in the dorms. “We were being hungry, we had been cold,” he explained. In the winters, items of reindeer pores and skin have been boiled to make a broth that he swallowed to endure. Furs went to wealthy clients in the towns.

With their discounts, Uwugdorj and Darima experienced a house designed in the village of Tsagaannuur, to the west of Lake Khovsgol, so that their grandchildren could acquire suitable education.

The upcoming morning, stepping by moss and lichen, I achieved a woman in her seventies who was milking her 6 reindeer. She instructed me about how drastically lifestyle improved for the Dukha when the border to the north was redrawn — family members were divided, their seasonal migrations stunted. Lots of Dukha became refugees in possibly the Soviet Union or Mongolia. “We preferred to escape, she stated, “from the folks who forbade us to reside in the taiga.”

Each and every summer season, a steady stream of travellers — from spots like China, Israel, the United States and New Zealand — passes by means of the taiga to check out the herders. But not all Dukha family members earnings from the people. In its place, they make a residing offering antlers and pelts, accumulating pine seeds and obtaining compact subsidies, while “it is inadequate to increase our spouse and children,” reported Dawasurun Mangaljav, 28, who spoke with me together with her spouse, Galbadrakh, who is 34.

“Strangers believe we are free,” Dawasurun explained. In fact, she explained, cash is a consistent difficulty. During the summer, Dawasurun and Galbadrakh’s kids stay with them in the taiga. They will return to faculty every September — but only if the parents can afford to pay for it.

On my final working day with the Dukha, I went with Uwugdorj to inspect the herd.

Uwugdorj, who once labored as a federal government-used hunter, is aware of the land. The weather, he reported, is switching he can see it. Since the 1940s, the ordinary temperature in Mongolia’s boreal forests has risen virtually 4 levels Fahrenheit, a lot more than two times the world-wide normal.

“We are not statues in a museum,” Uwugdorj said. “We are like our reindeer: on the shift.”

And their combat, he included, is to persevere in a world that would seem bent on hard their way of lifetime.

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How to measure return on investment on your SEO efforts?

How to measure return on investment on your SEO efforts?

You can measure the success of your SEO in many different ways. Google Analytics can track conversions, traffic, referral sources, and many other metrics. However, one of the most efficient ways is to measure return on investment on your SEO efforts. ROI is a crucial factor in any business project. With that in mind, let’s look at how to work the numbers around search engine optimization and find out if you are moving in the right direction.

What is SEO ROI?

As the name suggests, SEO ROI is the returning amount of resources you used to improve search engine optimization. If your SEO is bringing results in terms of better website ranking, it means that it is working. However, it is also crucial to calculate if it pays off on the financial level. Knowing how and why to do SEO is vital. If you are spending too much money to make SEO work, you need to do a little tweaking so that you don’t lose profit at the same time.

Steps to calculating SEO ROI

The best way to measure return on investment on your SEO efforts is to use a three-step tracking system:

  • track and analyze conversions;
  • split conversions into categories and analyze them separately;
  • calculate the SEO return on investment by using a simple formula;

Let’s break this down a bit more.

Conversion tracking

The only way to know if your SEO is efficient is to track and measure conversions. For example, you might use different approaches to improve on-page and off-page optimization, like doing keyword research, social media, link building, and so on. If you are focusing on link building, you need to use different methods to determine the impact of backlinks on the overall SEO.

You need to thoroughly check all of those elements to make sure they are improving your SEO. That is best seen through conversions that bring profit.

You can set up conversion tracking either by using transaction data from eCommerce stores, if that’s how you conduct sales, or by analyzing the lead generation if you are selling services or products directly to the customer.

eCommerce conversion tracking

The best way to track conversions for eCommerce sales is through Google Analytics. Use the eCommerce overview report to get all the data you need. The sooner you start collecting data, the better. Once you decide to measure SEO ROI, you will have more data to work with.

Lead generation tracking

Tracking leads for lead-generation-based businesses works a bit differently. You cannot get direct data out of the system because the sale is not happening online. You need to assign a dollar value to every on-site sale based on your previous sales. This is best done in the Goals in Analytics, and you can find that under the Admin -> View menu.

You will need to do some manual work and calculate a couple of estimates. Find an average percentage of leads that convert into sales and calculate how much an average client spends per one deal. Those numbers will help you to find the average value of your leads. For example, if on 100 leads you have 25 customers that convert, and each spends 100 dollars, you have a profit of $2500. If you divide that profit with 100 leads, you will get that one lead is worth $25.

Using this simple math, you can get numbers that will help you measure conversions for lead tracking. Keep in mind that the entire report will give you an estimate, but a pretty close one to the actual situation.

Splitting conversions into categories

Another important element of measuring SEO ROI is splitting all of your conversions into different categories. This is a crucial step if you have different channels. You need to figure out where the conversions are coming from.

For example, you might be getting conversions from e-mails, social media, even through word of mouth. You need to know what conversions are coming directly as a result of SEO.

Use the Assisted Conversions in Google Analytics to create groups and assign conversion numbers to them.

The formula for calculating SEO ROI

Once you have the conversion tracking system set up and get data, you can use a simple formula to get the ROI from your SEO efforts. You take gain from investment, subtract the investment cost, and divide that number with the same cost. If you multiply that by 100, you will get ROI as a percentage value.

Just keep in mind that some companies use different parameters to measure their profit. Whether you are using total revenue or net profit from every sale, you need to compare those numbers with the result of the formula. Otherwise, you might get the wrong data.

When to measure SEO ROI?

We did the how, not let’s do the when. It’s important to note that tracking and measuring ROI is not a one-time thing. It should become a practice that you repeat for a set time period.

To have the most control over your finances and how much you spend on SEO, it is best to measure ROI on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis. SEO is a long-term investment, and every step-by-step SEO guide tells you how important it is to constantly work on improving it. With that in mind, it is best to track it while going through different stages.

Measure return on investment on your SEO efforts and start making a profit

Calculating SEO ROI is a time-consuming process. It requires a lot of energy and effort. However, it is crucial to measure return on investment on your SEO efforts. You need to have total control over your finances and over how much you are spending on SEO. There needs to be a balance between how much money you put into a project and what it earns for you. Otherwise, you are only spending money that you could put to better use.