When it comes to successful relationships, advice on relationships certainly is plentiful – but how much of it is really valid? It can be especially difficult to give truly useful advice for relationships that are long distance, although any relationship, of course, needs continual attention if it’s going to be truly successful.

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For a successful relationship, whether long-distance or conventional, keep these things in mind:

• Make sure you continually appreciate your partner

While absence may truly make the heart grow fonder, long distance relationships can drive a wedge between even the closest of partners. Therefore, make sure you stay in touch on a daily basis through face-to-face Skype sessions, emails, phone calls, and texts. If you’re in a conventional relationship, don’t forget to tell your partner how much you appreciate him or her, either. It’s easy to fall into taking each other for granted, but that’s exactly what many relationships begin to fall apart. Don’t let that happen, and make sure each of you knows the other appreciates you.

• Go on a date, regularly

Established couples tend to get involved with work, the kids, the house – and forget about each other. One of the best pieces of advice on relationships is to keep you relationship of focus even when you’re busy. One idea that can help you keep things fresh and can also help you remember just why you got together in the first place, go on a date night at least once a week. If you have to be a part and you’re in a long distance relationship at present, make sure you physically meet on a regular basis so that you really get to know each other if you’re just starting out, or keep those sparks flying if you’re an established relationship.

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• Don’t take each other for granted

Remember when you were first dating? You never took each other for granted, made sure you told your significant other how special he or she was, and always asked what he or she thought. If you’re in a long distance relationship, you can lose that sense of connection with each other, but that can happen even if you’re in the same room. To stay in touch with your partner and to always know what he or she wants, make sure you really know; ask.

• It’s all about compromise

Longtime happily married couples usually say that although ideally, compromise in a relationship is going to be 50-50 between partners, equally, what really happens is that sometimes, it’s 50-50, sometimes it’s 60-40/40-60, and so on. In other words, there are times and situations when you’re going to have to compromise more, but your partner should also recognize this and make the same sort of compromise adjustments when the time comes.

Therefore, for example, if one partner has to go off to a different location for a long period of time, so that your conventional relationship becomes a long distance one, know that both of you are going to have to be making sacrifices during that time. Set a time when this will not longer be true so that you can be together again.

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