Health and safety is a big issue in any type of structure or atmosphere where individuals collect. In years gone by, the implementation of easy safety and security precautions may have cost numerous lives, especially in fire episodes within structures due to safety doors – πόρτες ασφαλείας.

Nowadays, there are strict regulations and also policies round fire security in industrial buildings and brand-new houses. Building construction, particularly in regard to fire doors and escape exits. The present regulation states that a fire door, or shutter needs to be mounted in a structure that, when closed, will withstand the flow of fire and/or any aeriform products in case of a fire episode. The efficiency of any type of fire door critically relies on the appropriate instalment of the full door assembly.

In understanding that concept, it is obviously more effective to have all fire doors fitted with automatic self-closing tools that will shield the fire escape areas, as leaving these doors open for any type of amount of time produces hazardous circumstances, and also can have an unfavourable influence on foot website traffic moving between floors/rooms in an emergency circumstance.

What is a door closer?

Basically it is a tool that immediately closes a door, when open at any angle, firmly versus a door framework.

Where do you require self-closing doors?

  • Personal Residence

If your residence has an indispensable garage after that it ought to be offered by a fire door fitted with a self-closing tool. Any other doors within the home, also fire doors, do NOT require to be fitted with an accepted self-closing gadget, however would take advantage of being so.

  • Structure of several occupation

Either residential or business, in these environments, any type of fire door – πυρίμαχες πόρτες – that acts as a ‘dead end‘ to an usual passage, or any kind of corridor that attaches two or even more floor leaves, or any type of fire door offering accessibility to external getaway stairways or various other exit courses, should ALL have actually fire doors fitted with suitable automatic door closers.

  • Free swing door closers

Structures such as industrial properties (workplaces, colleges, hotels) can be fitted with these. These closing gadgets or security locks – kleidaries asfaleias – are set up on top of a fire door and also permit the door to swing openly with minimal force called for to open it, or to be held in any type of position.

In the event of a fire episode, and a smoke alarm seeming, the door closers will immediately run and also shut the door providing a security obstacle to minimize the spread of flames and smoke with the structure. The closers can be hard-wired to any type of alarm system or can be battery operated as well as wireless.

  • Hold open devices for fire doors

This is a tool that makes it possible for doors to be held open electronically as well as are fitted to discharge doors in conditions where it may be troublesome or unfavourable for the doors to be completely closed. In buildings such as schools and also care residences, shut doors can have an adverse influence on the owners and also can provide risks in areas of hefty tramp or traffic.

The hold-open gadget leaves the doors in an open position till they are launched, either manually or in the event of a fire break out, when they will shut instantly.

General guidance

You need to require time to review the different types of fire door closers offered and also select and also mount the most proper systems for your particular organisation or atmosphere, offering any owners the very best opportunity of exiting the building safely in case of a fire break out.

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