Skirts were, are, and will remain one of the most prized collections – gynaikeia royxa in the wardrobe of bold and beautiful. If you are bored of wearing traditional jeans or trousers, then skirts are here to give you the much-needed variety.

From Celine to Stella McCartney and Givenchy, the S/S 20 runways delighted us with vintage-inspired iterations, keeping with the season’s up-cycled vibe. If the denim skirt looks like it could have been pulled straight out of a thrift store—then you’ve nailed the trend! While there were all different lengths of denim skirts on the runways, midi lengths definitely reigned supreme.

The best part is that they’re so versatile and easy-to-wear—just like your favourite pair of jeans. Wear them belted at the waist with sweaters and blouses tucked into them. While it’s still cold out pair them with knee-high boots and once the temps start to rise, throw them on with sandals. Scroll below to see the trend on the runway and shop the coolest denim skirts on the internet right now so you can get ahead of the trend before everyone else.


Best Skirt Trend in 2020

You know about the benefits of wearing a skirt, of course, it is not just about attractiveness and wow but your own sense of freedom to flaunt with confidence. Here are some top skirt trends for 2020 suitable for your body type:

Transparent Mesh Skirts

The spring and summer are all about openness and uncovering. Nothing works better than transparent mesh skirts to let legs feel the freshness. Oops, it isn’t designed transparent to embarrass you. To make it complete, you should get a long blazer, trench-coat with a belt, or a tunic.

Leather skirts

Leather is evergreen and goes well for all types of occasions. Thankfully, designers are creatively adding patches, fringes, and rivets to make leather skirts trendy and glamorous. Be creative in your combination as leather pencil skirts are suitable for casual as well as formal business dressing. A simple T-shirt and blazer will make you stand out in any gathering.

Wrap Skirts and Asymmetry

If you are looking for something fresh and innovative, you should look for asymmetry on the skirts. The side cuts and diagonal cuts add fresh charm in your skirts. Be bold in your selection and go for contrast like shiny and metallic colours.

A-shaped Skirts

This is all-time great for spring and summer collections. Chequered and neutral coloured skirts with matching blouse, blazer or sweater give you a perfect stylish contemporary look. You can opt for embroidered or straight skirts as well, as these are in vogue. You can play with your look with the right combination of shoes and glasses.

Tutu Skirt

If you want to go bombastic and leave a deep impression in the party circle you should get tutu skirts matching your personality. This rock style tutu skirts are in trend as designers is replacing the traditional nylon with mesh pattern to make it bolder. You can wear tutu skirts with vibrant leather jackets and cowboy boots to look fabulous.

Frills and Ruffles

This is most popular in all fashion circuits. The high-waist, tight hips, and flared hem with ruffles give you a glamorous look. It is all about the right combination of colours as ruffles and folds are getting normalized. However, you should choose it according to your body type as excessive ruffles could be challenging to manage.

Gloss and Metallic Appearance

It is all about vibrant clothing. Noting works better than gloss and metallic skirts made of varnished leather in disco nights. Depending on your skirt type you can opt for deep black, gold or silver shine, or simply the rosy candy colours to dazzle at the party. To make it more emphatic, you should go for asymmetrical tops, sweaters or jackets.

It is all about right body type match

If your body type falls in apple category meaning slim lower body with weight around the middle then high-waist flouncy skirts will look fabulous on you. These are specifically designed to mask the mid-portion as waistband wraps the smallest part of the torso and the short hemline lets you flaunt slender legs.

If your body is flat-type like a banana with the almost same width of shoulders, hip, and waist then body-conscious miniskirts will give you a fantastic look. Since it takes the shape of your body, it will help you highlight curves and of course, the short hemline is there to let your leg do the talking.

If you are gifted with a balanced well-defined curvy waistline like an hourglass then pencil skirts are for you. This helps you highlight your curves boldly.

If your body type falls in a pear category meaning hips are the boldest part of your then you should go for A-line skirts. It emphasizes the smallest part of your waist and flares out over hips.

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